Saturday, 26 June 2010

Si beva in casa, ma si pranzi fuori

I had lunch menu at my favorite restaurant yesterday. It was wonderful. But they are right in Puccini's La Boheme: to drink is expensive while the food might be not too expensive. Except that the lunch menu had been updated so it cost more than before. Anyway it is better sometimes to eat out. The drink, 0.3l Pepsi Max cost in restaurant the same as 2* 1.5 l in my usual shop.

Unfortunately I am not really a fan of water to dinner. It would be better for my health if water was my favorite and not Pepsi Max. I would like to say that I don't only drink Pepsi Max, but also Coca Cola Zero & light. Not that that is really great improvements health-wise.

In school I was thought some basics and so on about cooking food and about what is healthy food. Really boring. My least favorite in school. So I was not a bright student there. Some times I wonder if my suspicion about boiling water came from those lessons. It was group work all the time which meant that some got to shine all the time and other learnt nearly nothing. It was not helped with my disliking of the teacher or her of me, or whatever... Maybe it was just a matter of too many students on one teacher.

That is why I have a micro-wave oven. So I am not the natural cook. I can only rely on myself for food and drink.

I love the China restaurant. It has really good food and a friendly staff. And it is a OK place to be one in.

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