Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Thank you, Safari for helping me with Opernhaus Zurich booking

Finally. I have booked 4 tickets at Opernhaus Zurich website. It was Safari that won the prize of being both fast and working. No hiccups like Firefox, IE or Chrome. I used the systems choosing the best seat for my category. That was much faster and more reliable than to choose seat myself. The Java applets was slow and often it was something wrong. So SAFARI was faster and more reliable. It also gave me the chance to see how far the loading pages was, and that is always a plus especially when the pages are slow loading.

TOSCA 11.9.2010
with Maria Guleghina, Marcelo Alvarez & Ruggero Raimondi
LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST 20.11.2010 with José Cura, Emily Magee & Ruggero Raimondi

LA BOHEME 23.4.2011
with Barbara Frittoli & José Cura
CAVALLERIS RUSTICANA / PAGLIACCI 19.6.2011 with Agnes Baltsa & José Cura

Thank you again, SAFARI!
Maybe I will change from Firefox to Safari as my preferred browser

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