Monday, 1 November 2010

A travel home after Samson et Dalila in Karlsruhe

After a good night's sleep in Hotel Blankenburg and breakfast and some more resting I was finally on my way back home. This time a train (S4) took me to Main Train Station where I ate another Chickenburger meal at McDonalds. I bought a Cola light for my train travel to Frankfurt Airport. I had bought my train travel and reserved seat for my train travel. To my disappointment somebody was sitting on my reserved not caring that it was clearly marked as reserved. Since there was lots of seats in the wagon that were not reserved makes that really rude, but since I could find another place to sit I did not complain to the man although I wanted to.

I think it takes 40 minutes to go from the train until Terminal B. There I rested in those nice tall chairs that are so easily rocked by the other peoples. Then it was time for security line and waiting in the gate B10. The flight back home was faster because the wind was really on our side. From Oslo Airport directly to Oslo Bus Terminal with Airport bus. And then waiting for my night bus. I slept well on the bus. BUT I NEED TO SLEEP. Naturally instead I start my computer to put my photos from Karlsruhe on Then I finally slept a few hours until work.

And now I am still tired and in need of sleep but I am also sad. Today I got the sad news that someone I know is dead. I did not know him well, it was only saying Hi when we met, but still it is a shock to think I will never say Hi to him again. He will be missed by his wife, children and grand children, co-workers, friends. And by me who hardly knew him.

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