Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Barcelona, the better experience

Wake up call at 5 in the morning, I felt much better, no fever. Only a banana for breakfast and then the free shuttle bus to Arlanda 0535. I still have pain from my operation scar and my back so I cannot walk very fast. But I have no fever. Security line boring as always. And then 0645 my flight starts. When we land 3 hrs later I stop at McDonalds for a Chickenburger meal. I had forgotten how to get to the city from the airport so I took the wrong bus to Placa Espanya when it was naturally Placa Catalunya and Aerobus I should have taken. So from Pl Espanya I took a taxi to my hotel. It was close to the catedral but my taxi driver could not find my hotel and the street in his bus. He was really nice and helpful. After going a bit around I decided to stay at Hotel Colon, a hotel that waa no trouble finding. The room costed 110 Euro just like the other hotel, but I could not get my room until 1330 so I waited for almost an hour but the lounge was cosy and I sat well and rested. I called to cancel my other hotel while I waited.

After a good relaxing time in my hotel room I went to Liceu. Cav/Pag April 17th, 2011 with Luciana D'Intino, José Cura as Inva Mula. It was two wonderful productions but the stories did not grab me. Maybe I was too tired and sleepy to really enjoy it. Luciana D'Intino did not overplay the role of Santuzza. The only thing I did not like was her "A te, un mala Pasqua", but that is minor. She was perfect as Santuzza. Josephine Barstow gave e refine portrayal of Mamma Lucia. José Cura was a wonderful Turriddu, no drunkenn lout this time but certainly not a intirely sympathetic man. Alfio and Lola was also good. In this production of Cavalleria Rusticana there was an emphasis on that this is a village where nothing is secret for a long time. The villagers sees everything, hears everything behind their curtains. Somebody is always listening. Lola was dressed in white as she went to church. She did not go alone, another woman was with her all dressed in black. The duet between Turriddu and Santuzza showed that Turriddu still have some love for Santuzza. He was not so violent as in most productions. In the end of Cavalleria Rusticana was the ugliest cry of "Hanno mazzato compare Turriddu" which was a shame and a blemish on an otherwise wonderful and sweet production of Cavalleria Rusticana.

Santuzza = Luciana d'Intino
Turiddu = José Cura
Alfio = George Gagnidze
Mamma Lucia = Josephine Barstow
Lola = Ginger Costa-Jackson

Daniele Callegari, conductor

Pagliacci - perfect production. I loved how the audience as the play grew more violent would take their children away protect them from the violence. I loved that. Inva Mula was Nedda and José Cura was Canio. Canio seemed less violent and more loving to his wife, Nedda was almost sympathetic. José Cura was a wonderful Canio and sang a marvellous Vesti la giubba. I loved it all.

Canio (Pagliaccio) = José Cura
Nedda (Colombina) = Inva Mula
Tonio (Taddeo) = George Gagnidze
Beppe (Arlecchino) = David Alegret
Silvio = Jean Luc Ballestra

Daniele Callegari, conductor

After the opera I waited for José Cura. While I waited I met Sandra and her parents, Isabella, Chikaka and even meet Claudina. After 1,5 hours I gave up tired and happy.

Monday 18. april wake up at 9. and then back to Norway.

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