Monday, 1 August 2011

Norway - A narcissist attacks on 22.07-2011

Norway, Friday 2011-07-22. A man with a bomb to crush the Norwegian democracy in Oslo and with guns to kill the young generation of politicians. He wants a crusade against Islam in Europe.

But most of all he wants to be known as a hero. What a coward!! A 1500 pages long manifest, mostly copy and past eitt some of his own words inserted. But more than politics, it is mostly about himself how smart etc he is. Everywhere lies to make himself look better.


HEROES: all that survived Utøya killings or the Oslo bombings. All the helpers are also Heroes.

Rest In Peace, all our dead heroes, may you always inspire us to be better persons and to make Norway even better, more open and even more democratic and a warmer place!!!!!!!!

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