Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bias, Compassion and Truth

Many people think they have no bias. But we all have  bias because we are human. Some people think that only people belonging to a group have bias. They talk about Gay Bias, or about the Non-White Bias. But we all have our own biases because we all belong to several groups of people and because we all have our own Ideas. Our biggest and most persistent bias is the Confirmation Bias. We all like our beliefs confirmed and are willing to search for a long time to get any kind of confirmation and the Internet will likely find a place where you will get your confirmation. But it still does not make our BIAS = TRUTH.

We are not likely to find our biases unless we are searching for them. We don't search because we like to believe we are above bias.

Why should we work to unearth our biases? Because our BIAS makes it hard to come to the place of COMPASSION and TRUTH. Unfortunately there is no way to automate this process. You have to be on the Alert of Bias, and be willing to do the work towards Compassion and Truth.

Be willing to understand that you can be wrong even if you believe strongly in it. Remember Compassion, cultivate compassion and Empathy inside you. Open your eyes... Search for the Truth, even when it scares you because it might just tell you that you have many more big, bad biases that you still need to work on.

Do not search only confirmation for your ideas and meanings, search for evidence that you are wrong, too. When you meet a person and think you know so much about that person, ask yourself "what did I really see, and how did I interprete it?". Remember empathy, don't ask that person too intimate questions just because you are curious. Most of this work should be done inside your brain first.

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