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Zarzuela: La Chulapona

I loved LA CHULAPONA by Federico Moreno Torroba when I saw it in Edinburgh in 1989. Naturally I did not understand much since I don't speak Spanish. But the music was wonderful, I loved it so much.

I have been wanted the whole zarzuela on CD since I heard Teresa Berganza sing Como soy chulapona on LP. There is nothing quite like it, to hear Teresa Berganza sing zarzuela.

LP: Teresa Berganza singt Zarzuela (some of the best zarzuela arias by the best singer)

EL ULTIMO ROMANTICO - Lucimos hoy todas las mujeres 4:07 Teresa Berganza 1     Soutullo, Reveriano (1880 - 1932) y Vert, Juan (1890 - 1931)
LOS CLAVELES - Que te importa que no venga 3:42 Teresa Berganza 2 Serrano, José (1873 - 1941) 1994
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Pasion del alma mia 5:29 Teresa Berganza 3 Marqués, Miguel (1843 - 1918) 2011
CLAVELITOS - Clavelitos 1:45 Teresa Berganza 4 Valverde Sanjuán, Joaquin (1875 – 1918)
LAS HIJAS DE ZEBEDEO - Carceleras 4:39 Teresa Berganza 5 Chapí, Ruperto (1851 - 1909) 1988
LA CHULAPONA - Como soy Chulapona 2:58 Teresa Berganza, Pilar Lorengar 6 Moreno Torroba, Federico (1891 - 1982) 1994
LA DOLOROSA - Duerme, mi tesoro 1:26 Teresa Berganza 7 Serrano, José (1873 - 1941) 1987
LA ROSA DEL AZAFRAN - No me duele que se vaya 3:35 Teresa Berganza 8 Guerrero, Jacinto (1895 - 1951) 1957
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Lagrimas mias 3:33 Teresa Berganza 9 Marqués, Miguel (1843 - 1918) 2011
LA TEMPRANICA - Sierra de Granada 8:26 Teresa Berganza 10 Zarzuela Giménez, Gerónimo (1854 - 1923) 2011

But then I found a shop on the internet: and then I could buy LA CHULAPONA with Teresa Berganza, Pilar Lorengar and Carlos Fagoaga as the protagonists.

Conducted by Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos. WD71977 Alhambra BMG.

Synopsis etc in Spanish about LA CHULAPONA.
Argumento y Cantables (the whole sung zarzuela in Spanish, PDF-file)

Synopsis in English.

La chulapona (Torroba)

Pilar Lorengar, Teresa Berganza, Carlos Fagoaga. Orfeón Donostiarra, Orquesta Sinfónica, c. Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos
BMG Ariola España WD 71977
A terrific account of Torroba's nostalgic evocation of the great days of the Madrid zarzuela. Street songs, dances, barrel organs and romantic dúos make for a heady mix, delivered with aplomb by Frühbeck and his superb team, with Fagoaga as José María far from outfaced by the stellar casting of the two ladies in his life. The lack of any form of notes or plot summary beyond bare track listings is a drawback in the current reissue, and the considerable cuts - originally made to fit the score onto one LP - are frustrating; but to be honest they're no bar to enjoying what's there. (from

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