Monday, 10 December 2012

December 10: e nulla

Nothing to say, really. This is just like 1986 when I had no opera on my list. But that was because I was in hospital a lot. Today I am just at home.

Yesterday I was cleaning up my mess in the closet. So today I have head-ache and pain in my body from all that bending down and up again. I have bough an appartment so it is time to let go of things I do not need any more. I just wish it did itself.

In stead of nothing (nulla) in the title I should have said too much stuff. But, I still no blog post.

Tomorrow may be a better day. Good night!

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1 comment:

ernestlow said...

Dear Borghild,

Congrats on your new apartment!

Warm greetings from Singapore,