Wednesday, 22 April 2009

3 days before Tosca in Vienna

This week I have begun to work again, half-time first 2 weeks. I got a cold and a cough last weekend. And a tooth-ache on last Friday, dentist appointment this Friday. Then I'll travel to Vienna. Luckily my cough is not so much in the day but starting as soon as I lay down to sleep. And I already have some difficulties in sleeping, thank you...

Tosca with José Cura as Cavaradossi. I hope this will be a great time. In 2001 in Zurich with Daniela Dessi and Ruggero Raimondi, a super cast, I did not enjoy it that much. In 2003 (Vienna) I had such pain in my arm (from falling badly in McDonald's restaurant but luckily my head missed some bad metal trays). Hard to enjoy the opera when almost all you can think is PAIN... Another Tosca in Vienna in 2007... but don't remember it as great.

But now it is Tosca with Maria Guleghina as Tosca and José Cura as Cavaradossi. I think it will be good, maybe even great.

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