Sunday, 3 April 2011

The gall bladder, the opera-tion

I have no need for a gall bladder that only creates painful stones. Therefore, an operation on Monday. I got a call from the hospital on Thursday. I called work to get an OK, got it, and called back YES. So operation April 4th in stead of April 28th. GREAT. I will be well before Easter and my Easter Opera Holiday, Stiffelio (April 16), Cav/pag (April 17), La Boheme (April 23).

Day surgery. WOW, what a word, day-surgery. I am not worried about the surgery. It is the no eat, drink thing that worries me, and being prepared for surgery. Waking up can be a night mare. Of course, not waking up would be worse, I know that. Waking up with things in your nose etc. is no cake walk.

Naturally you would think that the surgery would be on my mind since that is tomorrow but no. I am thinking about Norma in Taormina with Maria Guleghina in AUGUST. Why? I love the opera NORMA, I am just crazy about it. And I love Maria Guleghina. But what about Taormina? Well, just because I would love to see finally NORMA live and with Guleghina, Taormina is new for me and I am frankly unsure of how to come there, and I should probably use my money for other things.

Or maybe, I just have a head ache!!!

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