Saturday, 11 June 2011

First impression from Dortmund and IL CORSARO

It started badly. I was still very tired after the night bus ride, 7 hours with some sleep. And then the plane to Dusseldorf was a smale plane with a low roof. But luckily I could sleep. Then we landed in Dusseldorf. It was easy to find our way and soon I was on my way on the sky train to the Dusseldorf Airport Train Station. But it was not free. Then I bought the tickets to and from Dortmund. I took the 1228 train and was in Dortmund hbf a little before 1400. Then I walled to my hotel, hotel Königshof. And everything should have been great. I would sms my parents that I had arrived safe and sound, and sent an sms to my friend so we could meet. But my phone did not find any mobile operator. Luckily my hotel has wifi and I had my Ipad so I could still contact my parents and my friend but it was not so easy to send an sms back to me. Hours laters I got sms they had sent me. Bad!!!

Then it was time for opera, first a meeting between friends. There was a delay and then I think still some mobile problems that was not helping. But finally we met and everything was wonderful again. Then the concert started. After 2 speeches Verdi's opera Corsaro was played. Zwetan Michailow was singing Corrado in stead of the original tenor who was sick, I guess. He did a fine job. But it was the women that ruled. Elena Mosuc was sensational and so was Maria Guleghina. Then men was fine but Elena Mosuc and Maria Guleghina was in another stratosphere. The conductor was also great. He made the orchestra play with a singular clarity and put forward all the wonders that lays in this score. The orchestra members seemed to love playing this music, one could almost look at then to see that to they had taken the music to their heart. The chorus was young and clear.

Now if only this had been staged too.

Brava, Maria! Brava, Elena!

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