Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Summer Knows: Zurich in June

It is time that I tell of my Zurich trip to see Cavalleria Rusticana with Agnes Baltsa & José Cura and Pagliacci with Cura.

But I have a problem. My time in hospital just after the travel have almost erased all my memories of it.

First it was Saturday 18th of June and the third Birthday party for my mother and then in the evening off to Oslo and landing in Zurich Airport. There I found the curtesy bus to my hotel Hotel Park Inn By Radisson Zurich Airport * * * * . Nice hotel loved it. By midnight I was asleep in my big nice bed.

Second, it was Sunday 19th of June and the day of the performance which started at 1400. I used the curtesy bus to the airport and from there a train to Main Train Station. Eating brezels and going to McDonald's before the opera. Then it was Cavalleria Rusticana first with Agnes Baltsa as Santuzza and José Cura as Turriddu. Agnes Baltsa was wonderful as Santuzza but not always on the same page as the conductor. I fault the conductor. I had the feeling that Die Baltsa was combining to different productions the Ponelle production in Vienna and this one. In short, she was different than Paoletta Marrocu (this production's original Santuzza). José Cura was just perfect in singing and acting Turriddu.

Pagliacci with José Cura as Canio. Perfect.

After the opera I almost got a photo of Agnes Baltsa but I was in the place and was feeling tired. Then came José Cura. It was not really a crowd this time. So it did not take too long. Then I found a restaurant close to the Main Train Station and had a chicken sweet sour. Too much food on my plate, but was really good. Finally back to the airport and then curtesy bus to my hotel. I was looking through all my photos in my IPad. I was sure that tomorrow I would just writing a blog post on my travel so I just listened to music and got to bed.

Third, it was Monday 20th of June. My flight to Oslo is already at 0700. I must be up by 5 and take the curtesy bus to the airport. Naturally pay the bill first. No problem waking up early, the night was not that great. I had been walking inside the airport (the day before) to make it easy to find the best path for today. Soon I had my boarding card and my luggage was sent through. Then I went to the Gates. It was a quiet and closed for most of the shops. When the cafe close to Gate A opened I bought 2 Brezels (Bier Brezel). Then I went to the security of Gates A and walked a long distance until I came to my gate. I bought a cola light or zero. Off to Oslo. Waiting for my luggage. Got it. Eating. Going through the security line to get my flight home. Tired. And sick. Back from hospital on Friday 24th of June after 4 days of lack of sleep. Worked normally Monday 27th to Friday 1st when I got a big HEADACHE.

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