Saturday, 21 September 2013

From Josep Carreras to Agnes Baltsa via Alvarez, Cura & Alagna

2013-09-18 Solistenkonzert Agnes Baltsa, Wiener Staatsoper
Agnes Baltsa, mezzo
Achilleas Wastor, piano

My week in Vienna ended with Greek songs with AGNES BALTSA. The same concert with the same extra numbers. She was wonderful. The pianist was not so wonderful but maybe that was the instrument.

Agnes Baltsa greeted her fans with a Signierstunde at the portier of the Bühneneingang. I got he signature but once again I left without knowing the name of the second and last extra. The first was Garifollo st afti, and is as sure as after an opera concert the extra will be Seguedilla from Carmen.

My "week" in Vienna started with Otello with José Cura on Saturday, Sunday with Josep Carreras Matiné and Tosca with Marcelo Alvarez in the evening. Monday came with Carmen with Roberto Alagna. Tuesday was Otello again. Then it was Wednesday with Ages Baltsa. Thursday travelling back home. Friday at work.

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