Thursday, 3 November 2011

Back to work, blog and interests

I am feeling better and finally back on my blog.

you are probably not surprised this is one of my chief interests.

I love reading, and I love the idea of books as learning pools. Academic books are important but so is fiction books. Above all is important word QUALITY. Neither type of books should use facts lightly, it should never falsely claim to know something if you have not studied it or lived it.

I am a librarian, and I think libraries are important. Why? Because knowledge is important. Although I work in an academic library I think that public libraries are even more important because to be able to get real knowledge is (or should be) a human right. Public libraries are important because there all sort of people can get knowledge. So it must be free to use the public libraries, easy access to a public library for all, and the public libraries need to have all sorts of books and today it is important to have an internet connection. All libraries around the world should participate in making it possible to get the book or information wanted whether the request is from Soweto or Oslo.

I am a human, I have rights. But I have also privileges. The privileges that I have are mine because not all get their human rights as they should. In a just world all would have their human rights (like freedom, nutrition, schools, possibilities) and no one would have privileges that are not shared with the rest of world. Yes, I am a dreamer, but wouldn't it be wonderful? It would be hard for the privileged people but great for the rest.

I watch Animal Planet. The program is diverse but I don't agree with all of it. Why should people think it is OK to own Exotic Animals as Pets, it is not OK, it is almost as bad as EcoCrime. We rob the animals of habitats, we create dog and cats that would die if they were to give birth by themselves. Ego drives us. Animals are animals, not human babies. You don't really become the animals mother, father or sibling. They are not human, but they still need your understanding their real needs. They don't need human food, they need food that are right for that particular species etc. If you own animals you must understand that you must go to a veterinatian when they are hurt. If you don't have money to care proper care to your pets, then you should not have them. Don't just kill them but see if you can find someone that can give them a real home.

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