Monday, 4 June 2012

2012-05-27 Travel to Bilbao from Madrid

I am sick, sick, sick. I took some medicine that made me vomit and feel more sick. ALSA bus to Bilbao, supra ticket. My bus goes at 1100. I will be in Bilbao at 1515. Breakfast. I guess I have to make the melons my breakfast. I take the taxi to Avenida de America and there is the bus station. It is underground. I need something to drink. Why did I give the taxi driver all my small change? Stupid. But what can one except when one does not feel well. Ice Tea and a big bottle of water. Then bus ride to Bilbao. Lucky I had something to through up in. Three times in the plastic bag. Other than that it was wonderful. Great seat. Hostess giving us free food and drink. Landscape was mostly high way. It was OK. Had I felt well then I could have used my IPAD in stead of just waiting for the bus ride to end.

It ended. I felt weak. My luggage felt more heavy. And I was in a new city. How to get to my hotel? How. I had to sit down. Luckily there were seats in the bus station area. I could relax, drink and try to get myself together. I though about asking people around me, but just lacked the energy. Finally I went up and found my way out. Then I asked a stranger about the taxi. And not long after I was in a taxi queue. So to  NH Villa de Bilbao. It was probably not that long to go, but taxi was better for me. I should have payed something extra but I was too busy not to have an accident to notice. My hotel. Wonderful. My room. Even more wonderful. Hot water without any wait. My bed wonderful. Relaxing a long, long time. Then late in the evening, more night, room service Spaghetti Bolognese. That lasted 12 hrs plus,

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