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2012-05-25 A travel to Madrid and La Chulapona

Finally I am going to Spain, again. For 2 Chulapona and 1 Nabucco.

The week did not start well. I felt sick. My abdomen hurt. I went to the doctor and I was allowed to travel provided it did not get worse. I was told to get another appointment immediately if the pain got worse. I felt well enough to start my travel a bus ride to Oslo. This time I could take the bus directly to the airport, Oslo Gardermoen. All was well and soon I had my suitcase ready for Madrid. The stop in Copenhagen was short I wondered if my suitcase... Yes, yes, no problem, said he. So 1215 I was in Madrid Barajas Airport and I waited for my new and very black, little suitcase. No. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Then I was in the wrong queue, my back sack was secretly killing me. Then in the right one. OK! ok! I have my paper with my case number thanks to Swissport. Well, one thing was good, now I had less to carry for my bus ride to the Atocha station. Great! My hotel is on Calle Atocha so it should be a piece of cake finding it. With the help of taxi drivers who evidently did not understand I want a taxi to the hotel, I don't care how close it is, they showed me the direction in which either they were wrong or I understood it wrong. Probably me. I was tired, you see. Madrid is not flat, may cities are not flat, and my street upwards, upwards I go. Tired, hungry.

TRYP Madrid Atocha Hotel ****

Fantastic!! I have a room. I can rest. I can be happy that my my back pack is so heavy because it means I have everything except tooth paste and such. Resting a bit and the out I go to hunt food. McDonald's in Calle Atocha, great rest and some food. I not quite well. My tiny cheeseburger is hard to get down, pain...
But then I get to Teatro de la Zarzuela to get my real tickets. Thank you so much, woman who helped me. Gracias!!!

Finally at 2000 LA CHULAPONA in Teatro de la Zarzuela with Milagros Martin as Manuela and Carmen Gonzalez as Rosario. The production is from 1988 and there exists a DVD from it also with Milagros Martin and Carmen Gonzalez.

2012-05-25 La Chulapona (Moreno Torroba), Teatro de la Zarzuela (Madrid)
Manuela = Milagros Martín
Rosario = Carmen González
José María = Marcelo Puente
Juan de Dios = Carlos Crooke
Señor Antonio =Luis Alvarez
Doña Venustiana = Charo Reina
El Chalina = Jesus Castejón
Don Epifanio = Gerardo Malla
Emilia = Raquel Torres
Organillero = Jesus Alcaide
Lolita = Ana Santamaria
Ascensión = Isabel Gonzalez
Concha = Ada Rodriguez
Ist Guard = Keni Roldan
2nd Guard = Abel Garcia
Manolito = Neric Forcada / Raul Ruiz / Pedro de la Torre
Chico de la taberna = José Varela
Cantaora = Eva Duran
Ganadero = Saturnino Garcia
Maestro Cansino = Juan Rueda
Maravilla = Maria Briones
Guadalupe = Sagrario Mielgo
Engargado de Café = Juan Luis Cobo
Durmiente = Jesus Landin
Plachandoras = Rosa Maria Gutierrez, Carmen Gaviria, Paloma Curros
Zapatero = Carlos Duran
Hojolatero = Pedro Azpiri
Cliente = Gustavo Berliete
Voz Interna = Paloma Suarez
Giutarrista = José Maria Molero
Invitado = Ignacio Del Castillo

 Dirección musical: Miquel Ortega
 Dirección de escena: Gerardo Malla
 Escenografía y figurines: Mario Bernedo
 Coreografía: Goyo Montero
Iluminación: Eric Teunis

Despite I still don't understand all that much Spanish I understood much more than I did in 1989 when I saw this zarzuela during the Edinburgh Festival. I love zarzuela and have recently started a small collection of zarzuelas. Federico Moreno Torroba (the composer) is a genius and the music in Chulapona is just marvellous. Naturally I have the CD with Teresa Berganza as Manuela and the wonderful Pilar Lorengar as Rosario. A wonderful CD with the perfect Manuela and perfect Rosario.

24 years after the premiere are Milagros Martin and Carmen Gonzalez still the perfect Manuela and Rosario. Aged but like fine wine only better and more refined than ever. Marcelo Puente in the role of Jose Maria, loved by these two different women, was also wonderful.

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