Tuesday, 5 June 2012

2012-05-30 All the way back home

Early flight home. 0630. Another wonderful hotel bed, an expensive night, and then home. OK.

It is Wednesday and I think that Thursday I go to work. But I have pain, not as bad as in Spain. Night falls and it does not get better. So Thursday starts with me to the doctor's. Then ambulance to hospital. And then all the boring things that have the name of hospital. But also a relief, I can get better relief from pains in hospital than at home. Then I know if it is serious then I will be taken good care of. What I need is more fluid in my body so I am given special water. They worry that I might have an inflammation in my stomach, peritonitis. Luckily no further signs tells the doctors that it is not that. Friday and I am allowed to have dinner. Lovely.

Saturday 2012-06-02 I can finally leave the hospital  at 1500 and 1925 I am home again. Sunday feeling better. Monday thinks I can go to work but have pain again. Today, Tuesday 2012-06-05, a blood test was taken, tomorrow I can find how my CRP is doing. And I was at work. HURRAY!!!

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