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From Genova to Torino (ANDREA CHENIER 20.1.2013)

After the dark Macbeth in Genova I was happy to see this colorful Andrea Chenier in Torino.  This opera was double expensive for me since I originally had thought to see Macbeth again in Genova with other singers as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. So that ticket was never used. The newsletter from Teatro Regio Torino made me choose Andrea Chenier, a wonderful opera, and MARCELO ALVAREZ was singing the main role. It was the perfect plan.

First I had to take a taxi to Genova Piazza Prinicipe, and then 0808 my train left for Torino Nuova Porta. My hotel in Torino was just beside the train station. Hotel Genova. I could say I traveled from Genova to Hotel Genova. It did not rain at first in Torino but in the end it poured down. After resting in the hotel I went to the opera house on foot. Macbeth in Genova started 1530 but I was in Torino to see Andrea Chenier and that started 1500. I was in time, naturally.

2013-01-20 Andrea Chenier (Giordano), Teatro Regio di Torino

Andrea Chénier - Marcelo Álvarez
Carlo Gérard - Alberto Mastromarino
Maddalena di Coigny - María José Siri
Bersi, her maid - Giovanna Lanza
The Countess of Coigny - Anna Malavasi
Madelon - Chiara Fracasso
Roucher  - Gabriele Sagona
Mathieu, a sans-culotte - Federico Longhi
The Incredible - Gianluca Floris
The novelist Pietro Fléville - Matteo Peirone
Fouquier Tinville, the Public Prosecutor  -
Scott Johnson
The Abbot, poet  - Luca Casalin
Schmidt - Fabrizio Beggi
Dumas - Franco Rizzo
Master of the Household - Gheorghe Valentin Nestor

Renato Palumbo, conductor

Director - Lamberto Puggelli
Director cooperator - Salvo Piro
Sets - Paolo Bregni
Costumes - Luisa Spinatelli
Choreographic movements - Tiziana Tosco
Lighting - Bruno Ciulli
Assistant to costumes - Monia Torchia
Chorus Master - Claudio Fenoglio

Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro Regio
Staging by Teatro Regio

With all the buzz about the movie of the musical Les Miserables I think going to see the opera Andrea Chenier is doubly enjoyable. Chenier was a real during who lied and died during the revolution. Of course the romantic story is not as historic as the persons. The real Chenier was not a romantic but he was a revolution man, a poet. But politically he was not on the winning side so Robespierre wanted him dead.

I loved the production, so true and so real it was. The singing was suberb. Marcelo Alvarez was worth the trip to Torino. BRAVO!!!

After the opera the rain really had started pouring down. The opera ended approx 1830. I had used the GPS on my phone to get the theatre. Of course I had to start my phone again after the opera so the blue lines was gone and I could only see the blue  of where I was. And it was now dark. So I did the sensible thing I found a restaurant. Since the clock was still not 19 they could not serve me but I could sit down at a table and no longer be in the rain. Then I got the most wonderful meal. I loved the pizza. It was perfect. I have never gotten any better in Italy or maybe ever. Then when I was full and had paid, the rain was just as before, I asked for a taxi. A luxury, but worth it.

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